Karim Amrani. A Muslim Entrepreneur. CoFounded & Leading Product Experience at Milkster (London, UK) and Founded Jibly (NL) to change education through groundbreaking experiments. Strives to leave this world behind in a better state than he found it.

Is your go-to-guy for inspiration, brainstorming, researching and prototyping the future. Consulted and adviced startups as well as large organisations like Sanoma, Malmberg, GeoFort, Governments & more. Helps business developers rapidly find extraordinary new market oppertunities.

Studied Gamedesign & Theatre. Built anything from apps to robots. Had the pleasure to work with folks from Google, Yahoo and others. 4 time TEDx Speaker, Best 2010 graduation project nominee. Member of the European IOT Council. Loves to start businesses and when he does, he does it in a weekend, in bed, while enjoying Moroccan tea.

Tweets @Jibly and reads emails sent to karim@jibly.com.